The Conference’s mains topics

Role of engineering in creating new jobs in Africa rural areas
  • How to make agriculture an engine of growth and development in Africa?
  • New engineering fields in Africa to support transformations from subsistence to wealth-generating agriculture while addressing food security challenges.
Agricultural Policy and engineering needs to meet the challenges of food and water security
  • Climate information systems
  • Communication networks: road, rail, river and sea
  • Identification and assessment of natural resource potential
  • Operating systems and natural resources sustainability
  • Intensification technologies under rainy and temperate sub-climates preserving the ecosystem
  • Production optimization technologies under difficult climatic conditions
  • Water networks and their impact on food security: New approaches for adaptive water management under uncertainty
  • Innovative solutions to climate change in agriculture
  • Problems and prospects for developing renewable energies in rural areas
  • Smart agriculture
  • Water Security: Assessment and preservation means of current resources, Solutions to control production costs and innovative processes for the creation of new resources.
IV. Organization of sectors and development of value chains
  • The value chain approach in food systems in Africa
  • Engineer role in the development of value chains
  • Organization, coordination and supervision of actors
  • Development of value chains and its impact on the determinants of food security
  • Harvesting and conservation systems for agricultural production
  • Intervention strategies for reducing post-harvest losses
  • Conservation and promotion of agricultural products
Human Resources Development, Engineering, Institutional Capacity Building and International Cooperation Development
  • Training of engineers in Africa and their integration into the professional active life
  • Role of engineers in creating employment
  • Engineer International cooperation and partnership perspective (such as training, engineering, transfer of expertise…)