General informations

The conference will take place at the hotel El Mouradi Gammarth in Tunis, Tunisia

Link: https://www.google.com/maps/dir//36.9213669,10.2880841/@36.921367,10.288084,13z?hl=en

The conference will take place on June 24 and 25, 2019

Arabic, French and English + interpretation service

Admission is free for selected participants. For this, you must send us a confirmation e-mail

We are happy that you are sharing the event with those around you. To register, please send an

E-mail to sabrinedaoussi@flehetna.com. Nevertheless, there will be no support for hosting

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Accommodation is half board for both days of the conference

The first day there will be two coffee breaks, a lunch, and a gala dinner

The second day there will be a single coffee break and a lunch

A wifi network will be available in the rooms and in the conference rooms and workshops

Hotel and travel

Accommodation is free for the two days of the conference for the speakers who made the confirmation; nevertheless, the plane ticket remains on your personal charge

Our team provides transport; just send us a copy of your airline ticket to know arrival and departure time

It depends on your country please consult the website to know it.

link: http://efsafrica.org/en/procedure-de-visa/

If yes, please send us a copy of your passport to assist you in the visa procedure