Welcome to the International Conference « Engineering and Food Security in Africa »

The Order of Engineers of Tunisia is organizing, with the collaboration of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, an international conference on sustainable food systems and food security entitled « Engineering and Food Security in Africa ».

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the United Nations for the implementation of a sustainable development by 2030 take into account the economic, societal and environmental aspects as well as their interactions. In this context, the Order of Tunisian Engineers invites the actors involved in this process, particularly with SDGs 2 and 12, to meet at our conference to highlight the concrete contributions of engineering in the supply agricultural chain

This conference aims to create a platform where the knowledge, innovative ideas, experiences, capacity building and field results of engineers, scientists and policy-makers as well as representatives of civil society involved in this field, will be discussed, shared and disseminated in order to implement the “Declaration on Food Security as viewed by Engineers”.